Beginner Pump Kit


A beginner pump kit for increasing sensitivity & growth.


Beginner Pump Kit

This beginner pump kit has everything you need to get started pumping right away!

Includes a high quality pump, three different sizes of cylinders, and a free mini vibe. It is a good idea to stock up on lube, which helps with the pumping process. Once a cylinder has been put in place and air has been pumped out of it, the pump can be removed, but the cylinder will stay vacuum sealed. This allows the user to wear the cylinder for extended lengths of time.

All kinds of people pump for various reasons but the main reason is that the increased blood flow boosts sensitivity and stimulates growth. This kit is suitable for women, pre-op trans guys, and others.

Some trans guys have reported significant gains in size by pumping consistently over time, and even many surgeons who perform metoidioplasty recommend pumping. It is interesting to note that some trans guys put a sleeve over the cylinder and have sex, without the need for a strap-on.

This is a standard pump so if/when you grow out of the largest cylinder, you don’t need to buy a new pump, just a new cylinder.

[box]Sizes of the cylinders:
Beginner: 2.75 inches in length (not including tip), 0.625 inch inner opening diameter
Intermediate: 2.875 inches in length (not including tip), 0.75 inch inner opening diameter
Advanced: 3.125 inches in length (not including tip), 0.875 inch inner opening diameter.[/box]

Manufactured by Size Matters.


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