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3 Important Reasons You Should Buy Silicone Sex Toys

There are three main reasons you should avoid most sex toys and buy 100% Platinum Silicone sex toys instead.

1. Your Health and/or the Health of Your Partner(s)

Many sex toys are toxic and collect germs. There is just no getting around the truth of that matter. It’s important to understand this fact, and cheap sex toy manufacturers do not want you to know it.

There are only a few basic materials used to produce sex toys, but many are routinely labeled misleadingly by cheap sex toy producers. Hard (firm) sex toys are made from various materials (such as Glass, Acrylic, Metals, ABS Plastic, etc.) that are generally body safe (except if you are rough with them, of course!) and non-porous. It is the soft sex toys that are of concern. Soft sex toys can be made from Silicone, Latex Rubber, or softened plastics — or some blend of these. You may have heard of a thousand other sex toy materials, such as “jelly”… but in reality, there is no such material. That is a term made up by the cheap sex toy industry.

You may be surprised to find out that “jelly” is actually made from varying formulations of plastic softened with chemicals.  Doesn’t that sound sexy? No? Perhaps that’s why cheap sex toy companies like to invent so many fancy names. Don’t be fooled by attempts to be fanciful (jelly, jelly rubber, gellee, cyberskin, softskin, realskin, realfeel, superskin, fanta flesh, pureskin etc., etc., etc.) or attempts to be technical (PVC, TPR, TPE, UR3, etc.). One company even has the audacity to call their softened plastic toys “rubber”! *cough* Pipedreams “Basix Rubberworks” shame on you *cough*. If the toy is soft and it’s not made out of silicone or latex rubber, it is almost certainly made out of some type of softened plastic.

This softened plastic is a health concern for two reasons:

  • Chemical exposure. What exactly is this crap? What chemicals were made to produce it? How are these chemicals going to affect the human body? It’s difficult if not impossible to find this information on softened plastic toys. Many are made in China where regulations are sketchy and human rights issues abound. Phthalates, highly toxic chemicals often used to soften plastics, still have not been banned in the US even though they are known carcinogens & hormone disrupters. Most cheap sex toy manufacturers claim to no longer use phthalates… but who is regulating this? Nobody. Walk into your local sketchy sex toy shop and you will likely find old stock of softened plastic toys with no mention of them being phthalate-free on the label. (As a side note: If you use plastic shower curtains, these are often contaminated with phthalates. Please consider throwing them away and buying ones made from fabric or PEVA.)
  • Germs. Softened plastic is usually porous. That means there are microscopic holes for germs to hide in, and no matter much you wash the softened plastic toy, it will never be properly sterilized. Obviously, nobody in their right mind would knowingly buy a sex toy that is a breeding ground for germs.

The good news is that if you buy toys that are 100% Platinum Silicone, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Platinum Silicone is:

  • Phthalate-free & hypoallergenic
  • Non-porous & able to be sterilized for peace of mind or sharing with partners
  • Body safe / completely inert to the body

Make sure to buy toys that are labeled “100% Platinum Silicone” (some toys are misleadingly marked “silicone” but are actually silicone blended with who-knows-what). It is also important to note that many people who believe they are allergic to latex are actually allergic to additives that unscrupulous companies have added to their “rubber” or the toxic ingredients most condoms are lubed with.

2. The Planet

Softened plastic toys fall apart & get nasty really fast. They will get added to the landfill sooner rather than later. Sometimes immediately after the box is opened that often horrifying scent wafts out! (This smell tends to range from “OMG What Just Died” to “Strawberry Shortcake Vomit” in my experience… the latter probably resulting from an attempt to disguise the former.)

On the other hand, Platinum Silicone can last a lifetime with proper care. (And it has no scent.)

3. Your Wallet

That $10 sex toy seems cheap, but is it? How long until it falls apart or gets gross? It’s a better deal to buy something that costs $100 and will last 10-20 years (or longer) with proper care, than to buy something for $10 that is effectively disposable.

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